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Welcome - I hope you enjoy reading my pages, which I've tried to make useful and entertaining for readers.

I used to work as a Technical Manager in the Broadcast industry, and have been a licensed radio amateur for more than 40 years.

I'm one of the Admins for the SUWS WEB SDR  - 

I also run a KiWi WEB SDR - 

Which is connected to my Patented TC2M broadband HF antenna -


This website mainly reflects my interests in radio communication, experimentation and construction, but a few other items may occasionally appear.


Please don't hesitate to contact me, especially if you spot any errors or omissions.




Martin - G8JNJ



Current projects

All current projects can be found by clicking on this page link


‘Manhattan’ or 'New Amsterdam' Style construction - Added Dec 2014

40m Antenna Shootout - Added June 2014

Switched X dipole / Vee Beam

Christmas Light - Vertical Antenna

Other items have now been moved to separate pages which are indexed below


Active Antennas - Updated July 2017

50MHz Mixed Mode Omni Antenna - Updated Sept 2016

Mixed Mode Helical Antennas Updated May 2015

Broadband Vertical antennas Comet CHA-250B & Diamond BB6W & BB7V - Updated July 2015

G8JNJ Broadband HF Vertical Antenna - Requires no tuner - Updated March 2015

HF loop antennas - Updated May 2015

1m HF loop antenna - Uses a novel tuning capacitor - RADCOM antennas column Sept / Oct 2010

G8JNJ ‘Fat-Max ® ’ HF Antenna - 6m to 40m - the poor man's Steppir

HF Variable Pitch Helical antennas DG7PE & Chameleon V1

Loft and Attic antennas for restricted places 

33ft Verticals and Ununs

G7FEK Multiband compact garden antenna

M3KXZ no-counterpoise antenna - Does it actually work ?

Slinky antennas - Compact antennas made from Slinky toys are likely to be poor performers

Solarcon / Antron A99 - How well does it work on other bands ?

Portable Vee Dipole - Uses fishing poles and a lighting tripod

Broadband Terminated Vee antenna - A travelling wave antenna using 9:1 Ununs & a 50 ohm terminating load

Rotary Washing line antenna - Various antennas using hardware from scrap rotary washing lines

Washing line wire reel antenna - A cheap portable antenna

Low Band Wire Antennas - Which is the best ? 

HF Antenna Switches - Remotely select a Doublet, Tee or Vertical - for use with a 100w tranceiver

Multiband Wire HF antennas - Thoughts on the G5RV and similar designs

Better than a G5RV - the ZS6BK / G0GSV multiband HF antenna  - External site

More information relating to ZS6BK antenna and matching section - External site

1.3 / 2.4 / 3.5GHz coffee can antennas

Baluns, Tuners & Matching

Audio & Processing

FM on the LF Bands  - How much spectrum does a Narrow Band FM transmission occupy

SSB TX audio equaliser - Published in Radcom February and March 2009 Updated July 2015

Build an audio Processor and clipper

Boom microphone for Yaesu FT-857 / FT-897 & Icom IC-7000 - modify a cheap PC headset

Modifying Clansman Military Headsets - use with Yaesu FT-857 FT-897 Icom IC-7000

FT-897D - Audio processing and ALC operation



VDSL Interference - Added Sept 2017

Other Stuff


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